About Northrock Barbets

Our Philosophy

Northrock Barbets are fed a high quality diet and follow a limited vaccine protocol . Breeding dogs have matured to adulthood and have all of their health clearances before they are bred.

Puppies are sold to carefully approved homes on  non-breeding or co-ownership agreements. Northrock Barbets stands behind their puppies and offers a written guarantee and sales contract. I am always available to help educate and support puppy families. I care deeply about the health and welfare of my Barbets and am willing to take back any puppy I have bred for the dog’s entire life.

 I am a member of the following Barbet clubs:

   Club Barbet Canada   

​Barbet Club of America


Who We Are

I have been actively involved in the dog fancy since 2001 when I brought my Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever home. A member of several clubs, I have trained and competed in various performance events, served on the board of different dog clubs and volunteered on many committees. I am currently serving as the Health Liaison for the Barbet Club of America, as a director for the Scarborough Kennel Club and as a Co-Team Leader for Therapeutic Paws of Canada.

As a preservation breeder I care deeply about my commitment to the Barbet and each puppy that I breed. Litters at Northrock are carefully planned in an effort to safeguard the breed to ensure its existence for generations to come. I continuously seek to further my education and regularly attend seminars on various topics ranging from canine behavior, training, health care, structure, genetics, breeding and whelping.    

At Northrock, raising puppies is a family affair.  My husband and two children support my passion for dogs and regularly help out with walking and feeding the older dogs as well as caring for and socializing pups when a litter is on the ground.                              

Thank you for visiting,

Stephanie Dixon