Natural Rearing

Here at Northrock we raise our animals simply and naturally. A fresh wholesome diet, clean water, appropriate exercise, lots of fresh air and sunshine all contribute to the healthy lifestyle that we try to offer our dogs. 

We feel very strongly that by helping our dogs to have strong and healthy immune systems they will be in the best position to fight off illness and disease. We strive to achieve this by implementing Natural Rearing practices such as feeding a natural diet, limited vaccines, and in limiting exposure to chemical toxins. 

The dogs in our home are fed a raw food diet. This consists of a variety of raw meaty bones, organ meats, a small amount of fruits and vegetables and some supplements. We believe that less processing and less additives means better nutrition for our dogs. We offer lots of guidance and support for our puppy buyers who would like to feed a raw diet to their dogs. We have been feeding this diet for over 15 years and our dogs are thriving on it. 

We also follow a limited vaccine protocol. We believe that conventional veterinary practice of annual vaccine boosters is creating disease in our pets. We do not feel that animals should be given so many vaccinations. "Once immunity to a virus exists, it persists for years or life." - Dr Ronald D Schultz, head of pathobiology at Wisconsin University. 

When our pets require health care we will often use alternative medicine to treat them. We have found homeopathic remedies to be very helpful in treating our animals and ourselves. That being said we also have a very good relationship with our veterinarian who supports us in the way we choose to raise our animals.

We try to limit the exposure that our animals and ourselves have to chemicals and toxins in our home and garden and we are careful to use chemical free cleaning and gardening products. 

We are striving to produce Barbets that will live long and healthy lives. If you are interested in learning more about some of the protocols that we follow here at Northrock, please take the time to review some of the below links. We offer lots of encouragement and guidance to our puppy buyers and we are always available to answer questions. 

Photo by Helle Fisher