Puppies at Northrock

I put a great deal of care and effort into the raising and socializing of each and every Northrock puppy. I strive to raise stable and confident pups that will go on to become lifelong companions. I feel obligated to give these pups the best start in life that I can and I do my best to offer them an enriched environment with visual, tactile, auditory and even olfactory stimulation as well as positive experiences with a myriad of different people.  I am trying to promote their neurological and physical development and maximize the development of their social skills.   For me it's an obligation to the puppies but it is also a passion!

Puppies are whelped in our guest bedroom where I sleep for the first three weeks so that I can keep a watchful eye on the dam and her puppies. Then everyone moves downstairs to what would normally be our dining room. This space for the puppies is situated right next to the kitchen and family room and this way the puppies are exposed to the many noises, sights and sounds of everyday household life.

At Northrock litters are planned well in advance. A lot of consideration goes into deciding which males to use with my females. With each breeding, I look to select a healthy male with a great temperament whose pedigree as well as his physical attributes complement the female. 

Northrock Barbet puppies are raised using Avidog protocols.  I am pleased to incorporate their puppy rearing and training techniques as I feel their program has much to offer by way of the enrichment and socialization of young puppies.  In addition to lots of gentle handling, Early Neurological Stimulation and Early Scent Introduction are carried out with all of the puppies as well. There are tons of resources available for new owners on the Avidog website and blog, far too many to list so please go have a look around. I especially recommend their 97 Ways to Create Great Puppies e-book.  

I feed a species appropriate raw food diet to my dogs and the pups are weaned onto ground turkey with bone and nursing continues until shortly before they leave for their new homes.  I gradually introduce more foods as time goes on and by the time they leave they are eating the same things as the big dogs in the house.  I do not require that puppy homes feed raw but I do recommend that they learn about it and consider it as an option. For those who are interested,  I am happy to provide lots of guidance and information on feeding a raw diet.   

At the beginning the puppies eat together communally but as time goes on they learn to eat from their own dishes, different types of dishes and to eat in different locations (crate, outside, kitchen etc..) They also eat meals that are hand fed to them and they experience eating alone by themselves.   

Lots of visitors of all ages come to the house to help socialize the puppies and the pups also interact with our own family members and the other dogs in the home. Northrock puppies experience going on car rides, sleeping in crates and the process of housetraining is begun. 

The puppies are temperament tested and are structurally evaluated to better enable us to successfully match each individual puppy with their forever home. Before they leave for their new homes the puppies are permanently identified with a tattoo or microchip, given a full vet check up and are seen by a canine chiropractor. They leave for their new homes between 9 and 10 weeks of age. Northrock puppies are sold on a CKC non-breeding agreement or a co-ownership along with a private contract and health warrantee. When new owners pick up their puppy they are given a three generation pedigree, written instructions on feeding, health care, training and grooming. Owners receive a copy of the results of health and genetic tests that have been carried out on the pup’s parents. Puppies go home with a supply of food, toys and a blanket that have their litter mates and dam’s scent on them. For puppies that remain in Canada, they also receive 6 weeks of free pet insurance. Owners can decide if they want to then continue with the insurance. 

If you would like to know more about how we do things at Northrock, if you think you might be interested in a Northrock Barbet or if you would like to learn more about this wonderful breed please do not hesitate to contact me. I would love to talk dogs with you!