If you think you would be a great home for one of our Northrock Barbets puppies please send an email to northrockbarbets@gmail.com that tells us information about yourself, where you live, the type of puppy you are looking for, and the home that you can offer one of our pups. 

You may also send a message using the form below. 
In order to help us get to know you better and determine if one of our puppies would be a good match for you, we require all prospective homes to fill out a questionnaire which we will email out to you. 

More information about our breeding program is available on the website and we invite you to visit our Northrock Barbets Facebook page and blog to learn more about our dogs and how we raise our litters.


 Future Litter Plans

We will update the website with the plans for our next litter once the details have been finalized.  


Upcoming Litter Plans

For regular updates and news about our dogs, like our Northrock Barbets Facebook Page.

Puppies from some of our previous litters